lord of the rings trilogy
the fellow ship of the ring(x)
the two towers()
the return of the king()

queue runs:9am to 4pm

Rating: R

Pairing: Matthew Espinosa/reader

Requested: Yes!

Your sitting on the living room sofa when an angry matt walked through the door. “

Hi.”you say. “long day?” He passes right by you. Not even acknowledging your presence. “Matt?” you follow him up to your bedroom. He takes off his shit and lies on the bed, turning on the telly. “ something wrong?” He turns and glares over at you. “No. Everything just fine.” He turns back to the telly. You walked over to him and sat next to him on the bed.

“I know that lie.” you run your fingers through his hair. “Tell me, babe” He turns off the telly and turns to you. “Why are you worried about me? Shouldn’t you go and ask cam how he is?”


“well you’ve been all over cam lately.” He says.

“We’ve just been talking. There’s nothing is going on between me and cam.” you swore.

He leans over and starts forcefully kissing you. And before you know it, he has you naked and pinned you to the bed. He grabs your thighs and pulls you towards the end of the bed, leaving Hickeys on your neck and trails kisses down to your stomach, and thighs. He circles your clit through your underwear. “Matt” you moan for more, His fingers go under your underwear as he slowly pulls them off, spreading your legs and taking a long, slow swipe up you slit with his tongue. You arch your back as you groan, pushing yourself against him. He grabs your hips and pushes them back down towards the bed. He grins at you when you groan and try to wiggle out of his grip. He leans his head down and pushes his tongue deep inside you before licking back up your slit and sucking clit into his mouth. You grab his hair and pull, he chuckles against you, moaning when you pull harder, sending vibrations on your clit. Your toes curl as he continues to suck as you come down from your high. “Matt” you whimper. “Its to sensitive” you try to pull away put he continues to suck. He lets you go and you moan as he stands up. “Suck me” He commands. You try to move over to him but he stops you. “Stop, get on top of me.” you straddle his stomach, lean over and take him into your mouth. He grabs your ass as he grunts in pleasure you’re giving him. Your not very sensitive now and start rubbing against him. You slide against him easily with your wetness. Matt moans in response. “fuck, Y/N baby that’s hot.” He grabs your hips and pulls you onto his face, He starts working on you with his mouth again as you suck him off. It doesn’t last long as he’s already close. He roughly pushes you off and takes his thumb and removes your wetness from his lip. He bites your neck and pushes all his dick into you. Causing you to moan loudly. “Oh. Fuck, Matt” you dig you nails deep into his back. “ That’s it baby, scream my name and let everyone know you’re mine.” He pounds into, you grab his ass trying to push him deeper. “I never did it.” you say to him.

“I’m yours not cams” His pace picks up and slams into over and over again.

“Fuck, I know baby.” he pants. “Y/N Just don’t ever think he could fuck you better than I could” he whispers in your ear. You push your nails deep into his back making it bleed. “Never, no ones as good as you. You feel another orgasm building as he pushes deeper. He moans into your neck and you know he close. You let yourself release all-over his dick as he shoots his load deep inside you.

He pulls out after a minute, falling on the bed beside and kisses your forehead. 

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